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AK 427

AK Sportscars Ltd – otherwise known as Jon (the boss), Wendi (the real boss),  Bob ( Jon’s number 2), Joe, Mitchell and Martin and Ed (the real workers)  Danni and Molly ( the part timers) Dougie our trimmer and Carla in the office keeping us all in order. An average family affair – NO – we are passionate about our product – the AK 427.

It all started in the mid 80’s when Ken (the ‘K’ in ‘AK’ also Jon’s Dad) decided to build a kit car. Never one to do things the easy way he spent 18 months making his own pattern and moulds. Along with a good friend Alan Frew (the ‘A’ in ‘AK’), who was in the fabricating business produced the chassis. Although it started as a hobby, demand steadily grew until a decision had to be made whether to continue his glass fibre laminating business or go full time into kit manufacturing. Obviously the car had WON!!!

Production slowly increased so son’s Dan and Jon and wife Lynda joined Ken. Later with the move to our present industrial unit came Trigger and Dougie. Next joining the “family business” was Wendi enlisted to keep them all in order!!! followed by Bob our Workshop Supervisor, Mitchell AK’s finest welder, Joe our Trainee car builder and Martin our body laminator and Ed our Trainee laminator. We are also regularly joined with a helping hand from “The kids” Danni in the workshop and Molly in the office (part-time between college). We are pleased to announce our most recent addition to the AK clan Carla who is our new Office Co-ordinator.  We are now producing around 40 kits a year so it’s a real team effort.

This is the AK Sportscars team where each member plays their own role to make our business and the car one of the most respected in the industry.

Ken and wife Lynda retired in 2009 from the business, although Ken is still involved in the electrical side of the business.  We the AK team are passionate about our AK427.


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